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Golden Tips for Analyzing Malaysia Odds for Beginners

When analyzing Malaysia odds, have you ever paid attention to the odds offered by bookmakers? Currently, there are various odds formats available. However, most reputable sportsbooks in Asia typically provide comprehensive Malaysia odds.

And when we engage in betting or analyzing Malaysian odds, the first thing is to understand the significance of betting odds and the bookmakers' Malaysia odds. To delve deeper into this topic, Wintips invites you to read the football tips prediction

What are Malaysia bookmaker odds?

Malaysia bookmaker odds, also known as Malay odds (symbolized as MY), are a popular type of bet offered by reputable bookmakers in Asia.

The key difference of Malay odds lies in the Malay odds ratio. According to announcements from reputable sportsbooks such as SBOBET, SABA Esport, etc., this type of odds is calculated in decimal form (1.0). Depending on the calculation method and match analysis, the bookmakers will offer two types of Malay odds ratios, including negative (-) and positive (+) odds.

In terms of display on the betting board, if you solely rely on positive and negative odds ratios, you may sometimes confuse them with Indo odds (IND). However, an easy way to differentiate Malaysia bookmaker odds is by looking at the Malay odds ratio.

Usually, bookmakers stipulate that the maximum Malay odds ratio is (+,-) 0.99. Meanwhile, Indo odds will have higher odds ratios, for example, 1.15, -2.45.

Based on the Malay odds ratio determined by bookmakers, we will also have different ways to calculate the winning bets. For positive odds ratios, the calculation method will differ from negative odds ratios. If anyone wants to know more, we will explain it for you shortly.

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Is it difficult to predict Malaysia's odds?

To predict Malaysia's odds, after accessing a reputable sports betting platform, you need to convert the odds to the MY symbol, which represents Malay odds. These odds will automatically be converted to decimal odds of 1.0 and include positive and negative odds.

The process of predicting Malay odds remains similar to normal betting. You still need to understand how to read the bookmaker's odds and gather and evaluate information about the match.

However, the key difference lies in calculating the winnings based on Malaysia's odds. The crucial aspect of predicting Malay odds is knowing how to calculate winnings based on the given odds.

For positive odds:

Amount won on a bet = odds * amount wagered

For negative odds:

Amount won on a bet = amount wagered / odds

For instance, if you encounter a handicap bet with Malay odds such as 1.5 (handicap odds), 0.70, or -0.85, and you bet on odds of 0.70 and win, you calculate your winnings by multiplying the amount wagered by 0.70.

In the case of betting on negative odds like -0.85 and winning, you divide the amount wagered by 0.85 to calculate your winnings.

Important considerations when predicting Malaysia's odds:

If you lose a bet, you will lose the entire amount wagered based on the given odds. For negative odds, you will lose according to the odds provided by the bookmaker, not 100% of the wagered amount.

It can be seen that predicting odds from Malaysian bookmakers is relatively straightforward. However, to minimize risks, pay attention to:

Only bet and predict odds on reputable betting sites.

There are many online bookmakers offering odds for you to choose from. However, prioritize betting on football at reputable bookmakers. These platforms usually have more participants, ensuring players' rights are better protected. Additionally, Malay odds are regularly updated and tend to be higher compared to other bookmakers.

Regularly monitor changes when predicting Malay odds.

Watching matches live provides valuable information and greatly affects predicting Malaysia's odds. If you want to ensure accurate predictions, it's best to combine this with other methods. This will improve your chances of success.

Pay attention to the negative odds provided by the bookmaker.

During the process of predicting Malay odds, if you notice betting tips app download excessively high negative odds or unusual changes in this figure, exercise caution when placing bets.


Once you've placed your football bets online, it's crucial to understand Malay odds. Predicting Malaysia's odds may not always yield the desired results if you don't fully understand and grasp the bookmaker's odds. Therefore, strive to predict Malay odds accurately to avoid unnecessary risks.


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