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Health A Sista Out

Promoting Holistic Health and Wellness in Women of Color

Health A Sista Out (HASO) is a non-profit organization in which we promote holistic wellness in Women of Color via education, mentoring, and empowerment programs. HASO is a faith-based organization founded on eight pillars of holistic health and wellness: Physical, mental, spiritual, financial, occupational, environmental, intellectual, and social. While we are primarily focused on Women of Color, we do not disallow women across other races, ethnicities, or socio-economic backgrounds from participating in our sistahood, so long as they support our values, mission, and vision. Come on in and join the sistahood!!!


Women’s Derby Tea & Fashion Show 

A Tea To Turnt Event

Ladies Day at Bella Sera. A day of charity benefiting HASO 2022 scholarship program.

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Health A Sista Out at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

Health A Sista Out was established in June 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic. HASO received non-profit incorporation in January 2021.  We set out to empower Women of Color to live their best lives through education on holistic health and wellness. Using the concept of The Pay it Forward Movement, the "Bless A Sista Out" program was created. Bless A Sista Out is honored to have blindly blessed deserving women of faith with close to $5000 collectively, within the first six months of existence. Our sistahood of 900+ women, now extends these blessings into the community in the form of scholarships, educational programs, mentorships, and social events.  Knowing racial equality is at the forefront of social and mental wellness, we are proud to have women across races, ethnicities, and countries who share our values as part of our sistahood.


Holistic Help Is On The Way...

Physical. Mental. Social. Spiritual. Environmental. Intellectual. Financial. Occupational.

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When We Know Better, We Should Do Better

Intellectual Wellness. With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for community education that will extend into secondary education through scholarship programs. More importantly, we recognize the value of trial and error, wisdom, and the "school of hard knocks". As such, we use collective education as an empowerment tool because we see it as a catalyst that can propel our sistas into their fullest potential. Contact us to lean more about our commitment to this cause.

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Reinforcing our Commitment

Health A Sista Out was launched on the concepts of the Pay It Forward Movement. Knowing our black and brown girls are underserved in opportunities that focus on holistic health and wellness outside of yearly well checks, (often skipped), we strive to offer programs and activities throughout the year that will bridge the gap between provider visits.  Our goal is to usher in generations of well-rounded, holistically well women of color. Future program initiatives include That's My Sista and SistaGirl Collectives. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

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The Bless A Sista Out Program

"It Is More Blessed To Give, Than To Receive" Acts  20:35

With this initiative, we promote blessing others through giving and by random acts of kindness. Additionally, we have a group of women who collectively Bless A Sista Out each month while simultaneously fundraising for other initiatives. Who doesn't love a blessing? This one is all about selflessness and is our pride and joy. Learn more about the Bless A Sista Out Program by getting in touch with our team today.


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