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Shark Bait

Parents need to know that Shark Bait (also known as Jetski) is a horror thriller set at sea with graphic shark attacks, gory injuries, and strong language. When a group of five friends, who are celebrating spring break, become stranded in shark-infested waters following a jet ski accident, they must try and get to shore. The characters are mostly selfish and narcissistic, but Nat (Holly Earl) provides some balance as the most conscientious member of the group. Though the violence and terror are occasional, the threat is constant. When the shark attacks do occur, they are gory and bloody, with characters suffering various injuries. The most graphic of these is a leg injury where the muscle and bone become exposed. There are also large gashes and teeth marks visible on some victims. Swearing is frequent, as characters react to traumatizing situations. Variations of "f--k" are used often, including "motherf----rs." Characters flirt, kiss, and pose suggestively for photos. In one instance, someone flashes their breasts, but this isn't shown on-screen. There is drinking at a party on the beach and characters reference being hungover. But none are actually shown drinking to excess.

Shark Bait

SHARK BAIT follows a group of friends who become lost at sea following a jet ski accident. As tempers fray -- including between couple Tom (Jack Trueman) and Nat (Holly Earl) -- it's not just issues within the group that rise to the surface as they soon realize they're in shark-infested waters.

When underwater, the shark pet swims around freely. When out of water, it is encased in a bubble. If you walk too far from the shark, it will not teleport. Instead, it will move swiftly toward the player.

It consists of a series of small, crescent shaped islets roughly forming three circles of land connected by rock and plank bridges. Several stone shark statues can be found here, with a shark shrine located at the island's middle. There is also a deep coral basin in the middle of the island.

Pleasing sharksploitation VOD title that demonstrates some technical prowess by way of slick editing and crisp photography. The camera creates surface tension by keeping our heads bobbing just above water. The CG wasn't too shabby and I detected a minor grin on the great white a few times. Guess Milly couldn't swim, but she had some impressive floaters, didn't she? 7.4/10

The latest VOD shark movie, which is to say, not a TV movie, but not a theatrical release either. So the budget's somewhere in-between. Honestly this movie looks pretty posh, believe it or not. The camera work is crisp, coverage is ample and the post-production sleek. By visuals alone, this could be mistaken for a $40 million studio picture. A far better aesthetic than 2022's other shark movie to date, Alicia Silverstone's amateurish "The Requin".

Not quite the marine-based discharge I thought it would be, in fact it's easily one of the better shark/survival movies of recent times. Yes it's very silly, the effects are ropey at best and Holly Earl aside the acting's shameful, buuuuut I had a decent enough time watching Shark Bait and if you fancy something quick, bloody and dumb then there are worse things to dive into.

To celebrate the annual summer tradition of Shark Week, Relevant Running brings you another of our signature "live virtual" races with a unique and relevant theme! We're bringing you the best and most unique medals and bling for this race including; our custom designed limited edition Shark Bait medal with a real fossilized shark tooth hand gathered from Caspersen Beach in Venice, Florida. Each shark tooth is carefully crafted by a local artisan into a pendant that can be attached to an eyelet on the back of the medal as pictured, or made into a necklace with the included black leather lanyard. See pictures below for the Shark Bait medal and real samples of our (soon to be your) shark teeth pendants.

Join us on Saturday July 9th 2022 for the SHARK BAIT "LIVE VIRTUAL" 5K/10K. This is no ordinary virtual run. It's a unique virtual running event, with thousands of runners who have already experienced and love our live virtual race format. Among other things, there is a scheduled race date and start time (Saturday July 9th 2022 at 8am Eastern time USA), a virtual check in and start via text or Facebook live-stream on race day morning, timekeeping (runners will text screenshots or pictures of their chosen method of time and distance keeping), a private and active Facebook group dedicated to our virtual runners, and age group winners. All participants will receive the one of a kind custom SHARK BAIT 5K/10K medal with real fossilized shark tooth pendant (we are only producing 150 of these custom medals). (scroll down for pics).

The best bait for shark fishing is a bloody oily chunk or live bait from species that are present in the waters. Sharks are opportunists, but they dial in on what is available when it comes to finding food. These are big predators, and it takes a lot of food to feed a shark. So it should be no surprise that they tend to target what is present and available in more significant numbers.

Where you fish for sharks is essential to how you choose the best shark bait. Sharks are picky eaters. They are not slow. They are not dumb. They are highly skilled, predatory fish, which is why you are targeting them when you fish. The Characteristics of Shark Bait include:

What is the best shark fishing bait? In the Gulf of Mexico, there are many fish that become the best shark fishing bait. Below is a partial list, along with the reasons these fish rock the shark bait menu. The following list is in no particular order. You may also want to look at the difference in baits vs. shark species, such as the blacktip shark.

Mullet, herring, and sardines you can catch with a cast net. Once you locate the school, cast the net out and pull it back onto the boat. Keep the baitfish alive in a bucket and use the excess for chum.

Most other shark bait you catch with a line and a hook. Those fish include larger bait such as Bonito or mackerel. Lures work great to catch predatory fish for bait. Silver spoons, jigs, and flashers are examples of lures that work on most fish on the best shark bait fish list. Remember, on a charter boat; you will have both an opportunity to target sharks with live bait or chunk bait. Half of the fun of shark fishing is catching the bait. Check out the rules and consideration for taking baitfish. Book a charter with the Finest Kind!

Please stop this senseless abuse to innocent puppies and kittens. French Islander and Mexican fishermen are using LIVE puppies and kittens as shark bait!! No living being should have to undergo this torture and insurmountable fear! This is inhumane and must stop NOW. Together we can make a difference and let our voice be heard as ONE. Please sign this petition and please pass this along. Thank you for caring. Blessed be

The claim that live dogs (and cats) were being used as bait by shark fisherman on Réunion Island (a French-controlled territory just off the coast of Southern Africa in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar) started hitting the world press in August 2005 and picked up steam in early October 2005, when it was reported by publications such as the UK's Sun (an excerpt from which is quoted at the head of this page) and Sweden's Aftonbladet, complete with a heart-rending picture of a purported "bait dog" with a large hook through its muzzle. Animal rights groups such as the RSPCA have taken up the cause of putting a stop to the horrible practice.

Many observers remain skeptical of such claims, however, positing theories that range from media and animal rights groups having been taken in by a hoax to a deliberate disinformation campaign being waged by activists who seek to end the slaughter of sharks for their fins and cartilage by Indian Ocean fisherman. Arguments have flown back and forth over the practicality and plausibility (or lack thereof) of Réunion Islanders fishing for sharks in the manner described.

A 2006 Réunion newspaper article acknowledged the practice and reported the recent prosecution of a deliveryman (and amateur fisherman) on that island over animal cruelty charges associated with the described activity, suggesting that although there may be some truth to the shark-fishing claim, the practice does not appear to be as widespread or horrific (or tolerated) as implied by news reports in the foreign press. Rather than describing hordes of shark fisherman impaling live dogs on hooks and dragging them behind boats as shark bait, the article noted that employing dogs in shark-fishing was largely the province of a small group of amateur fisherman rather than large numbers of professionals, that the dogs used were generally dead animals picked up from roadsides or culled from the island's large population of unwanted strays (estimated at 150,000), and that the no-longer-alive animals were attached to unattended buoyed "shark trap" platforms rather than dragged alive behind boats.

Dear Sir/Madam,Thank you for writing to us with your concerns. We too denounce the barbaric practices you refer to. Such acts are obviously illegal and will not be tolerated on French territory. But while we share your revulsion, we would like to emphasize that the practice of using live dogs or cats as shark bait is in fact exceptional and isolated. It was never widespread nor traditional, but introduced by ruthless individuals, and has been strictly banned for decades now.

The photo displayed at the top of this page, which has adorned several news articles and humane society-related web pages on this topic, is a frame from a 2005 video produced by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. The video purportedly documents the case of a dog that had escaped from fishermen who planned to use it as shark bait; skeptics have questioned the authenticity of the video, maintaining that it merely shows the aftermath of an accidental entanglement that has been mistakenly or deceptively misused for publicity's sake. 041b061a72


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