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Anxiety Sucks

Anxiety and worry are two mental health symptoms I know all too well. Not careful, anxiety can become so overwhelming it triggers symptoms like headaches, nausea, overeating, not eating, vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating. Anxiety can become so severe it triggers symptoms that mimic heart attacks like shortness of breath, palpitations and chest pain. Quickly, you can run up a large debt running back and forth to the emergency room thinking you are having a heart attack only to be told, “it’s just a panic attack”. Just you say, surely you jest. Are you kidding me? Why though? Sometimes you can have these symptoms with absolutely no trigger, for absolutely no known reason. But sis they are real. More frequently than not, you are worried about something specific or worried about any and everything even things that have nothing to do with you. Girl, I know. Anxiety can affect you at work, school, and home in ways you may not realize. Quickly, you can become distracted by ruminating thoughts you cannot shut off. You’re thinking about the same thing over and over no matter how hard you try staying busy to distract those intrusive thoughts. You are falling behind at work and your grades are falling at school. You are worrying about your finances, you are worrying about yours and your family’s health, you’re worried about your children, you are just worried! Even when your mind isn’t stuck on the same topic and your wheels aren’t turning, you can’t get rid of that nervous feeling in your gut, thinking what next and expecting the worst possible outcomes. Now you’re ruining relationships and have people feeling standoffish because you are so irritable and on edge. You are snapping at your family members for simply asking you, “Did you remember to pick up the milk on the way home?” Now you know you forgot,sis...Because were preoccupied with worry. Then, Someone concerned asks “what is wrong with you?” and you yell at them and say “ain’t nothing wrong with me, what’s wrong with you”. Siiiiiis. Come on now.

Based on the severity of your symptoms:

1. Pray

2. Eat well and exercise

3. Work on changing your mindset

4. If that doesn’t work, consider psychotherapy.

5. Speak with your primary care provider

6. Ask for a referral to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner

Disclaimer: Not intended as medical advice. See your medical provider for recommendations!!!

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