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After the game's first brief announcement at the Xbox Series X event earlier this month, Electronic Arts is seemingly ready to announce Madden NFL 24 in full in the near future Mut 24 coins.A major elements of each Madden game is the unveiling of ratings for players which began this week, in advance of the game's launch in August 2. Although you'll need to wait a while to get the ratings for Madden NFL 24's most talented athletes, EA Sports has now released scores for the rookies.

DT Quinnen Williams from Quinnen Williams of the New York Jets is the top-rated rookie overall, having an OVR rating of 80. In the best five is Buffalo Bills DT Ed Oliver Jr (79 OVR), San Francisco Giants RE Nick Bosa (78 OVR) as well as Jacksonville Jaguars L Josh Allen (77 OVR) and Baltimore Ravens WR Marquise Brown (77 OVR). The complete list of rookie ratings on the EA website, and the below video illustrates some rookies reacting to their ratings.

In the drip-feed update on Madden NFL 24's ratings of players the sports network revealed it was Patrick Mahomes is the game's first player to be rated 99. However, this isn't the only thing that's been announced. ESPN has also released a list of the 10 quarterbacks who have the highest ratings in the NFL and Mahomes is at the at the top of the list too.

Madden NFL 24 cover star Lamar Jackson lands at No. 3 overall, with an 94 rating. Check out the complete list of the top-rated QBs from Madden NFL 24 below.

The last day of summer is here , and the autumn season is coming and that could be the only way to say that football is back. In the same way the video game is returning in EA's annual update of the Madden franchise is a great way to kick off the football season as well as the release schedule for the new games. Madden NFL 24 is coming this week, and the reviews are already coming in cheap madden 24 coins.


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