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[S11E4] What Happened Last Night

And then of course, one last quotation I think is worth giving is Frederick Douglass. You know, Frederick Douglass recognized the difference between the religion of the slavers, the Christianity that was used, abused and manipulated to actually use abuse and manipulate others. And he says this, now he calls it the Christianity of this land. Now he's not saying American Christianity is inherently bad. What he's saying is the Christianity of the slavers. So this is what he says: "between the Christianity of this land and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference; so wide, that to receive the one as good, pure and holy is of necessity to be the enemy of the other. I love the pure, peaceable and impartial Christianity of Christ. I therefore hate the corrupt slaveholding women whipping cradle plundering, partial hypocritical Christianity of this land." That is such a quote, because he's saying I recognize the value, the equality not only for slaves for the slaves, but also just because I'm African, because they're women. And if Douglas, this brilliant mind could recognize that I think that's worth us taking notice.

[S11E4] What Happened Last Night

FISCHER: I've been going back and forth to Paradise, California, quite a bit. I've been out after the Eagle Creek fire, and then after last summer, I was out on route 126, where the Holiday Farm Fire impacted the neighborhoods of Blue River and Vida. So, it's complete devastation, is really what you see. When we have an earthquake or hurricane or a flood there's portions of the community that are impacted. And then there's portions of the community that are not impacted. With wildfires, what we tend to see is this mass devastation, it's kind of like a tornado.

We did see that in Santa Rosa that even places, even homes that had backflow devices there was contamination. So, is the water meter itself contributing to the contamination? We've seen photos of these water meters that are plastic and just completely melted. So, we have to be able to identify what is that contributor? And then we can come up with a way to mitigate for it.

FISCHER: That in itself is, is a really big finding that we're able to heat this pipe up for multiple hours and the water inside the pipe isn't exceeding the operational temperature of the pipe. We are seeing damage to the pipe on the outside. We do see that the plastic is softening on the outside of the pipe. But it was surprising to us what a large thermal gradient we were seeing.

FISCHER: Well, we don't particularly want to tell communities what materials to use and what not to use. That's really up to the communities. A lot of times it comes down to financial constraints and, again, plastic pipes are great for so many things, right. In general, it's more that communities should know where their high-risk areas are and what materials of pipes are everywhere.

So, we have a lot of sensor data already, like mapping data that we use post wildfires. Our goal is that this sensor can be integrated with the information we already use. And then it just empowers towns to have data to understand what happened. So, they can say, we don't need to replace the service laterals over here. It's going to be over here. Or where is the source of the contamination, where are the most heavily impacted areas? It also helps put this objective lens on responders. There's a lot of data and a lot of research showing that low-income, disenfranchised, vulnerable communities actually report damage less. They're not the squeaky wheels after the disaster. Yet, they probably have most of the damage or a lot more damage than some of the more wealthy, well-off communities. So, how can we focus our response and get clean water back online, quicker, in a more equitable way, is also what we're trying to do.

In the middle of the night, Meredith is watching a video tape of her mother talking about the Grey Method and her residency at a press conference. Derek comes inside to see what she's doing. He and Meredith share a cold look, after which he leaves. Ellis proudly says how she stood out as the only girl in the boy's club. She jokes she dedicated her first Harper Avery Award to the supportive men. Meredith pauses the video. Meredith's voice over says that the happy and proud Ellis in the video is how her mother wanted to be remembered. However, Meredith's memory of her is different. There's a flashback to Ellis being brought into the hospital, suffering from Alzheimer's and yelling at Meredith not to bother her at work.

Richard finds Meredith and tells her he lied before about the day of the carousel fight. He remembers everything. He and Ellis made a pact to leave their spouses. Her mother had just received her first Harper Avery nomination. He was hatefully, hopelessly jealous, as if she was already too far ahead to catch up to. Her success illuminated everything he hadn't yet accomplished. The night before the carousel meeting, as he worked up the nerve to tell Adele, he thought of Ellis and what she could do at such a young age. He thought of what she would do and he realized he didn't want to live his entire life feeling like that, so he ruined their pact. A flashback shows Meredith riding the carousel while Richard breaks up with Ellis. Young Meredith asks her heartbroken mother if everything is okay, but Ellis doesn't reply. Ellis says they have to go home. Present day Meredith now remembers they went home, where Ellis then attempted suicide. They would've had a whole other life, Meredith realizes. Everything after that is all his fault, Richard says. He made the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. There hasn't been a day that he hasn't regret his decision. He apologizes. In another flashback, an older Ellis remembers that Richard left her for Adele, leaving her all alone to raise her daughter.

At night, Leah sits in her camp, cleaning one of her stolen AR-15s. Leaning it up against another stolen weapon, Leah enters her tent before several Commonwealth soldiers enter the camp moments later and find the tent empty. Leah shoots and wounds two of the soldiers before Lance Hornsby steps forward, asking Leah to hold her fire and stating that they are there to talk. Lance notes that they have come a long way to find her and that Leah is not easy to track down. Lance asks that, since Leah has caused him "more than a handful of trouble", the least she can do is hear what he has to say before she kills them. Leah steps out into the open, pointing a gun at Lance and she orders him to talk fast. Lance introduces himself and he tells a visibly intrigued Leah that he's there to offer her a job.

Outside, Benson tells Dalton that he is the luckiest man she knows for dodging murder. Dalton says he knows what she thinks of him but he is not grateful to what happened in court. Benson informs him no matter what he tells her that he will not be charged for anything because of the trial. Dalton reveals how he finally remembers everything and states no matter what he does he can never forget it before breaking down in guilt.

On a foggy evening with a full moon, The Simpsons are driving down a road until Marge accidentally smashes into Ned Flanders, killing him. The next day, Homer climbs to the top of his house with Ned's body, calling down to Maude in her front yard and Maude is relieved, as she is always worried when he goes on one of here late night fog-walks. Homer voices Ned, moving him like a puppet saying he's fine, but when he does die, he doesn't want any autopsies. Maude then goes indoors when her pies are finally done. At the same time, Homer throws Ned off the roof, whose corpse lands on the dog house. Homer dumps Ned's corpse in his house, waiting to hear Maude's horrified scream. Shortly after Ned's funeral, the Simpsons return home, Homer gloating about how easy it was to get away with murder and attempts to drive over Milhouse, with Marge stopping him. The family then discovers that someone knows that they murdered Ned, writing "I know what you did" on their front door. Late at night, the Simpsons are sitting on the couch, when the phone rings. Homer answers it and a male voice says "I know you're alone." The voice turns out to be Moe, who was trying to call Maude Flanders, but mistakingly dialed Homer. A thunderclap fills the their living room with light, showing that the inside of the house is covered in the phrase "I know what you did". After a confrontation with a mysterious cloaked figure wielding a butcher's hook, the Simpsons flee their house. They get into the car but discover that its covered in the same phrase. They escape the figure but the car runs out of gas after Homer prays for God to save his life. As the figure closes in Homer tells them to hide in various places. He tells Marge to hide in an old abandoned amusement park, Lisa to hide in the pet cemetery, Bart to hide in the spooky roller disco, and that he will skinny-dip in the lake where sexy teenagers were killed exactly one hundred years ago. And the figure catches them. They then discover that Ned Flanders was their assailant. Ned was not killed by the accident and he tells them, by an incredibly coincidence, he had been bitten by a werewolf moments before Marge hit him, and werewolves are near impossible to kill (with the exception of silver bullets). Lisa then puts together that Ned was going to kill them, and they all laugh. As the clouds drift past the moon, its luminous light engulfs Ned's body and he rips off his clothes, he is now werewolf Flanders. The family flees down the street while Ned mauls Homer to death, with Homer still mocking him.

Walden and Jenny are watching the video and it looks like they did have sex last night. But the girl has a Fred Flintstone tattoo, and Jenny herself doesn't have one. The girl turns out to be Heidi, one of Jenny's friends and Jenny is shown entering with Sarah. Moments later more couples enter the same room and also allegedly James Franco. Berta enters and asks if Walden would like to talk about the orgy last night. It seems that last night, Berta banged James Franco. 041b061a72


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