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BECAUSE HE LIVES (ukulele Cover Chords Lyrics)

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BECAUSE HE LIVES (ukulele cover chords lyrics)

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Although I did have a few brief interactions with parents/other caregivers (via phone, e-mail, or in person) they did not observe sessions nor were they invited to be part of the singing group as they are at SFC gatherings. Initially, this decision was made for two reasons: (a) to have a clearly defined group of research participants (i.e., include verbal Autistic adults only), and (b) an identified lack of programming that catered specifically to the needs of Autistic adults. Research has indicated that difficult transitions from supportive youth services to limited or no services for adults has left young Autistic adults and their families feeling concerned about their potential to live a meaningful life (Milen & Nicholas, 2017). This small singing group consisted of eight diverse individuals who had experienced social isolation and stigma because of their autism, even though (and sometimes because) they had caregivers who had tried to protect them. Throughout the research process, participants implicitly and explicitly indicated their desire to live their own lives and find their own way (Subdomains III a., b., c., & d.). For this particular age cohort (and perhaps for older Autistic adults), this type of delimited singing group format may serve as an empowering forum or transitional space where Autistic individuals can discover, accept, and celebrate unique aspects of themselves. The inclusion of caregivers (and others) as part of a singing group format would potentially have other benefits. For example, parents and caregivers who participate in the SFCs initiative experience an environment where autistic behaviours are accepted as the norm, they learn about neurodiversity, and they are able relax and enjoy the music at whatever level they desire to participate (Shiloh & Lagasse, 2014). Possible benefits of singing groups that include parents/caregivers/others as well as the potential for adaptation/modification of relevant components of existing inclusive community chorus models (e.g., Carpenter, 2015) should be further explored in future research. 041b061a72


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