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Ahmad Gromov
Ahmad Gromov

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youll have to communicate with npcs in the game as well. whether theyre your friends or enemies, youll need to figure out what theyre saying. sometimes youll need to provide them with information, and sometimes theyll need to give you some too. this is what makes the game interesting, because if one player is in your favor, while the other is against you, youll need to be in a constant conversation.

HD Online Player (Pee Mak Video Full Download)

the game is constantly evolving, as new players are always trying to figure out what the other players are doing. one of the biggest changes in the game recently has been the introduction of the new ship building system. thats where you can actually go and build a ship in the game, and its incredible how customizable they can be. players can make the smallest little dinghy or they can build a mega ship. theres even a ship class that looks like a star wars star destroyer. it is amazing to see what people build.

if you are familiar with the endless runner genre, you know the formula by now. the player runs from one end of a long track to the other. theres no time limit, and theres no obstacles (at least not in the game its made by). sometimes you have to jump in order to grab a flower or a coin, or to avoid getting hit. if you jump on the wrong bit of the track the game is over.

a new game was on its way to the app store on a weekly basis in 2011. it was the first ipad game to break 2 million downloads, the first game to be nominated for a bafta and the first game to receive a best supporting player award at the academy awards. clash of clans lives on, and its still one of the biggest games out there. the iphone version is the biggest seller on the app store as well. so what sets clash of clans apart?


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