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Synology Camera License Hack

I don't think you'll find too many folks recommending to buy a license to apply on an xpenology install, as I think you have one shot with the license so if something "bad" happens you'll be sol. I also recall reading years ago, that you need legit SN\Mac. An alternative would be looking at using DVA3221 or DVA1622 loaders which include 8 camera licenses with surveillance station by default.

Synology Camera License Hack

Are we talking about buying the license or hacking Surveillance Station. If the latter, please be advised that piracy is not tolerated here. If the former you might not be able as I believe that Surveillance Station uses at least an officially valid paired S/N and MAC address to make sure you are on a real Synology.

Sure, you can, but first read license agrements. IMO, since license is given to a particual hardware, which is identified by pair of serial with mac, by using serial and mac on xpenology and using survillance licence you will violate license agrements. But it is just my opinion and you can ask synology support about that.

I use to get that error message in 5.1 when trying to add 1 cam license that I paid for on xpenology. It turned out to be the MAC/Serial combination that was causing the error. Now sure this hacked software so ymmv for the future of this working forever.

I'm thinking of setting up a surveillance camera for use with our XPenology box (bare metal Dell Optiplex 3010). I notice on eBay that "Surveillance Station licenses" are available - would I need to buy one and if so will it be happy being used on an XPenology install? I notice plenty of posts here from users of Surveillance Station so I'm assuming so.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. In those posts, where Surveillance Station is mentioned, people always seem to say "extra licenses" in their questions, possibly implying that Surveillance Station operates in a limited capacity (single camera?) but one needs to pay Synology to go further with it?Steve 350c69d7ab


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