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Should I Buy A Chevy Sonic ((FREE))

Regarding value, the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic can stand toe-to-toe with any other subcompact car on the market. Its attractive appearance and responsive handling should lure a lot of drivers. Chevrolet also did a fantastic job of loading the 2017 model with a surplus of nice technologies. Great crash protection is yet another one of the car's strong points.

should i buy a chevy sonic


There are very few driver assist tools built-in as standards on the Sonic. Brake assist and hill assist are the only two available for all trims. Other items, like blind zone alert and lane assist, are only available if an upgrade package is purchased. As the automotive world moves toward automatic driving, these should be mandatory.

The 2020 Chevrolet Sonic is a good car and should be considered by customers. Unlike other models, the compact has sporty handling, a roomy front row, and a well-balanced infotainment and connectivity setup. In addition, the hatchback style gives drivers more storage space. Furthermore, across all trims, the Sonic has an engine that isn't anemic like others.

If the check engine light is flashing, this means that there is a serious issue and it is suggested to service your Chevy Sonic expeditiously. This question is not tremendously simple because it all depends on the severity of the issue. If the cause is a minor issue, such as a loose gas cap, it should be secure to drive. This is generally indicated by a steady glow of the check engine light. If you notice a difference in the performance of the car, it could be an indication of a more serious problem. Call the experts at Hare Chevrolet by dialing 3173336958 so you can describe the issues. Or reduce your speed and bring your 2017 Chevy to our certified mechanics as promptly as conceivable.

If the check engine light in your 2017 Chevy Sonic starts flashing, that means that the problem needs attention rapidly and your Chevy should be brought in promptly. A flashing light signifies that the problem is exceedingly serious and if not taken care of rapidly may result in major and meaningful damage to the vehicle. This blinking light frequently reveals a severe engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be dumped into the exhaust system. There it can immediately raise the temperature of the catalytic converter to a point where damage is likely, requiring an costly and far-reaching repair. Some owners ask if spark plugs cause the check engine light to flash? This can definitely be the cause. A broken, old or dirty spark plug can cause the engine to misfire. If your check engine light is repeatedly flashing, please contact our team of automotive experts at Hare Chevrolet swiftly by calling 3173336958. If the problem is completely ignored or you continue to drive, this can spread to the spark plug wires, catalytic converter, or ignition coils which can lead to a tremendously costly repair.

This is why it is critical for someone who does not have a lot of prevailing automotive knowledge to not assume what a code means. When your check engine light comes on, you should get it checked out immediately by a proficient certified Chevy mechanic. If the engine light comes on due to a serious concern, you risk damaging your car further by not repairing the issue right away. Call Hare Chevrolet at 3173336958 today or schedule your check engine light service online today!

When should you get an alignment for your car? The answer can vary a little by manufacturer. You should constantly check your maintenance manual to determine the best mileage or time interval, but usually your 2015 Chevy Sonic will require an alignment each 5,000 or 10,000 miles. Driving habits can massively influence how frequently you need to get your car aligned. At Stevinson Chevrolet we will check your alignment during our multipoint examination process for free each time you visit our service center.

We aggregate and analyze millions of automotive data points from a variety of the industry's leading data providers. The insights and information on this page represent the overall averages of the combined costs of vehicle ownership. This information should be used as a general guide, as your individual results may vary significantly from that which is shown. Our mission is to provide car buyers with the resources they need to make informed purchase decisions. To learn more, see our FAQs.

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Here is a summary of the makes and models carrying the engines and transmissions the Car Wizard highly recommends car buyers to avoid based on his years of experience that are the ones new and used car shoppers should stay away from.

Sonic hatchback LT 2012, 6 sp auto transmission slipping bad between 2nd and 3rd when warmed up. Mechanic said there is no solution to problem but would check transmission fluid for being burnt and reset module. He also said I had a 5 yr 100000 mi warranty on the transmission. So if something happens it will be taken care of. It is frustrating driving this car this way.. What is chevy going to do about it?

I purchased a 2013 chevy sonic in July of this year the transmission shifts hard and overrevs. Also a problem with the front end the car drifts to the left have had 4 alignments done on it theres only 7200 miles on it. Each time it has been way out of alignment, they put new bolts in the front end didnt correct problem. The dealership and GM say it is in specs theres nothing they can do about it, it needs another alignment now the tires are wearing. They say the transmission is normal.

My 2013 sonic with. 5 speed man transmission leeks fluid from the transmission was told ove flow valve then bad seals then bad gasket still leaks dealer has had the car 51 days no resolution in sight the dealership has also put an additional 300 miles on my vehicle in test drives to replicate the leak.

Well heres my story. I purchased my 2012 sonic back in july of 2012 with only 6 miles on it. Well since about nov of 2012 its been a headache. Its had a problem with the gears and now in august of 2014 in was in the shop till oct 2014 for 9 weeks due to a recall of the transmission turbine shaft. I got the car back for one day and took it back. It was making a horrible knocking noise. Well they called me and told me my alternator was going on. Keep in mind I havent had my car nearly 3 months from being in the shop due to the recall. They say its fixed now and im going to get it back today. But im beyond terrified to drive it anymore. It was the worst mistake in buying that junk. Im waiting on gm to call me and get this tooking care of if not I guess ill finda third party to get involved.Angry piece of crap sonic ownersara

my husband bought me a 2014 chevy sonic i have since september 2014 and i took it in for a routine oil change 3 days later had to take back for a cam shaft leak a week later i pick it up and its tapping so its back at the dealership for what they tell me a timing belt tensionor?? not happy

I have a 2012 sonic lt we bought in February of that year. It has been a great little car. It now has 98xxx miles on it. We have the manual transmission and it is very sporty with the 1.4 turbo. Have not experienced any problems with the transmission at all, appears to be the automatic only. The wheel size is the 15 inch and at the manufactures air pressure experienced sway on the highway. Inflated tires to 40 pounds and that seemed to take care of the problem. Had a thunking and rattling from sway bars or something but recall took care of that problem.

Update. Yes I am happy they are fixing my water pump so no more coolant leak and the transmission was a error cod click to the tranny. It makes sense and matches the symptoms I experienced. I think the dealer is making right for me. I am not going to give up on american auto makers or chevy.

Hello I got my Chevy sonic September 2012, I was overly excited because it had 15 miles on the car and she moved like no other. About 2 years of having the car I got a code which meant for me to change the thermostat as well as the sensor. Once that was replaced 327.99 dollars later she was good for about a month. Right before I moved my car started reving up and shutting off on its own, then I experienced the car hesitating when I put my foot on the gas which has been scary. Especially when you are on a busy highway and you are only going 20 in a 70. I contacted the dealership and they stated my car no longer had bumper to bumper coverage that it only lasted up till 36,000 miles and I was at 36,500 miles at that time. No I have extra corrosion on my battery and the car wont start anymore when I called the dealership they said they can put it on the machine for 150.00 just to tell me whats wrong with it. I really dont have the money to be wasting on the dealership telling me whats wrong and not being able to fix the car. I am also mad because I had to take a pay cut to keep my job and now I cant even trade the car in because I will owe more than what is being offered to by the car. I no longer have reliable transportation and this all happen once I moved out the city where I could still catch the bus or the train. Does anyone know what I should do.

I think the problem alot of people are having with there tire issue is that the tires are not wide enough. I own a 2016 Chevy sonic with a 1.8 and a 6speed auto with almost 9000miles on it.The only problem I have is with the tires. They are not wide enough. I have 195/70/16s on it. These tires really suck because they catch every groove on the road. Going to replace the tires as soon as possible with 195/60/16 tires.

can i still submit for lemon law if my car is 2 yrs old been having a problem with the transmission and swaying and other problems piece of junk since i got it had it in multiple times to dealership and like everyone else is saying cant find any problems and there not nice like its my fault! shake my head anyways the manager also told had 100000 miles warranty on transmission now what if the transmission goes out finally after that im screwed im so done with this car if my credit was not so messed up id been out of this car! never buying a chevy again 041b061a72


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