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Ring of engagement in Turkey

What does it mean and how do you wear it?

The engagement ring is worn on either hand. It is not an absolute rule in any country. In Turkey where an engagement is accompanied by an event of celebration and an event that is important to the couple as well as the families the ring is positioned on the left hand ring finger, just as it is in Germany. We will explain what engagement in Turkey signifies, the significance of the ring, and the way it is worn. Continue reading Wedding proposal in Turkey and wedding in Turkey.

A significant event

In Germany the marriage proposal is a romantic affair that is only performed by two people. It is not celebrated with family and friends. In Turkey it's a different story. In the country of the Bosporus the proposal to marry is an old-fashioned tradition that is associated with a variety of ceremonies and celebrations. There is nothing wrong with a modern wedding vow in Turkey in the present day, where the bride and groom are able to take their time celebrating the wedding ceremony on their own. However, once the marriage proposal is accepted and accepted, the traditional celebrations begin. The traditional wedding ceremony includes an engagement ring that sparkles. However certain couples are religious and don't wear the ring. There are always exceptions and couples who adhere to the traditional way of life or have a different view.

Parents aren't the only ones that need to be involved.

You shouldn't ask your partner if they would like to marry, and then place the wedding ring on their finger. In Turkey it isn't enough. A truly "complete" proposal will include an interview with the bride's parents. The groom-to-be asks her parents permission to marry his beloved partner, as well as his parents who are informed of the planned wedding. If it is done in a traditional way the groom's father could even be able to take on the role.

The small-scale engagement party

The engagement rings are exchanged when both families are in agreement on the wedding. This is only applicable to couples who do not adhere to the strict rules of the Islamic religion. The bride is not the groom's actual wife until they get married however, she is still an outsider who wears rings. Like us, the bride wears an engagement ring that is solitaire as a proposal. After the exchange of the ring, the celebrations could begin. In Turkey the other members of the family are invited to a visit with the parents as well as to the small celebration of engagement that follows. The celebration is attended by grandparents, aunts and uncles if engagement rings are placed on the hands of the bride (or both partners).

The big engagement celebration

It's time to go big and not just small. Up 200 guests is not unusual for an Turkish engagement celebration. The Turkish people are fond of keeping the old traditions. What shade of dress is she wearing? Who will pay for it? Who will pay for the wedding reception? At the time of the celebration, the rings are exchanged before all guests. If both spouses have rings for the proposal, rings later used as wedding rings are usually used. It is common for people to spend more on engagement rings due to this. There are no additional costs for wedding rings. After the "official" ceremony is completed the party commences - usually extravagantly late into the night.

The meaning behind the engagement ring as well as the ring itself in Turkey

In Turkey and not like in Germany and the USA and a variety of other western countries, engagement rings have a totally different meaning. In the Muslim countries, it's a symbol of love and a bond between two people without any significance to religion. Based on the degree of religion and the interpretation of the Koran by the imam, couples can decide to not wear rings at the time of their proposal or even at their wedding. This tradition of religion is based on the belief that wearing a ring out in public demonstrates that the couple isn't an Muslim. If a woman believes that the ring that was presented to her for a proposal was given to her by a man she is able to wear it and show it with no hesitation.

The left hand

The question, "On which finger do you wear your engagement ring?" The answer is simple If you are a Turkish couple decides to wear a proposal ring it will be positioned on the left ring finger, similar to Germany. After the wedding, it can be placed on the right ring to add an additional ring to the wedding ring.

There is no gold for men of faith.

In Turkey where engagement rings are also used as wedding rings, it's customary to select jewelry that isn't made from gold. Men who belong to the Muslim religion are not permitted to wear gold jewelry since the precious metal is regarded with luxury and should be avoided. The majority of couples, if they are religious, should opt for rings made of silver or platinum. It is debatable if platinum isn't a more luxurious option. If the woman wears only the ring, then it could be made of gold in any alloy she wants. Women are permitted to wear jewelry of any kind, and they often do.

Beautiful custom

In Turkey the ring that is used to propose is usually purchased by the groom's parents. This is due to the fact that the secret marriage vow between two people can't be made, and the interpretation of the religion must permit rings to be worn. If you choose to wear rings on both hands, a gorgeous ribbon will be used to join the two rings. The ribbon is cut at the time of the engagement celebration. This happens after the exchange of rings, when both partners have the rings on their fingers. The rings that are proposed to take on an entirely new meaning, specifically the bond between man and woman, which is sworn by parents and the family members and friends who are invited to the celebration.

The Engagement Ring from Turkey

The ring that is proposed to, though not used by all couples, or even by every bride-to-be it is a traditional tradition in Turkey. While it is generally rescinded by strict Muslims however, it is a crucial element in the engagement celebrations of many couples. Wedding rings are often used to mark engagements, and therefore are a good investment. Women can wear gold jewelry however they like, whereas religious men aren't allowed to wear it. After marriage the ring can be worn on both hands. It can be placed on the left ring finger in the event that the bride prefers.


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