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Train Simulator: DB BR 411 'ICE-T' EMU Add-On Download For PS4 __LINK__

The DB 411 ICE-T is operated by the Deutsche Bahn in Germany. The ICE-T has been in service since 2002 and is the first new gondola train design to replace older carriages since the ICE was introduced in the late 1970s. Together with ICE2 the ICE-T is one of the most powerful passenger trains in the world.

Train Simulator: DB BR 411 'ICE-T' EMU Add-On download for PS4


The DB 411 ICE-T, including the cab, is of a new generation of ICE train designs. It is driven from the right side and has two doors on each side for a capacity of up to 140 passengers. The entire front is dominated by the tiltable roof which ensures a better view for passengers. The panorama viewing dome is moved between 90 degrees to each side and can also be tilted. The motor and the traction motors are located in the middle of the locomotive. There are two axle sets on the bogies, which allows for dynamic load compensation.

The new generation locomotives feature automatic locomotive control with speed control, axle block control and automatic train protection. All the train staff directly provide the train with the information they need. There is also the Intercom system which allows the train staff to talk to the passengers

The route from Woodford to Liverpool Lime Street includes the Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street section of the Liverpool to Manchester line, namely the 'Claremont' branch line. This route features the newly rebuilt 18.2 km section of the 'Tudor Arc' line from Birkenhead Woodside to Widnes, where a traffic light system allows trains to run in both directions! In addition the route includes the East Lancashire Railway, which has been given a brand new liveries scheme.


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