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The Thing Torrent !!INSTALL!!

You can think of trackers as the phone-books of BitTorrent. When a peer downloads a torrent file (or accesses a magnet link, more on this later), part of that file is the URL needed to connect to the tracker (or multiple trackers). A torrent client then takes that URL and sends a message to the tracker, which provides a list of other peers.

The Thing torrent

Once two peers are connected, they will use the remaining content in the torrent file (namely a hash that represents the file contents) to identify and exchange the pieces of the file that they are missing. This is significant, as it means the information detailing the actual contents of the files is not located within the tracker, but rather within the torrent file itself.

Once a peer has acquired multiple pieces of a file, they can maintain multiple transfer sessions simultaneously, exchanging pieces with multiple other peers at the same time. This is why most torrents start downloading at low speeds, but get faster as more pieces are acquired.

As we mentioned earlier, all the information you need to access the shared data is located within a torrent file. These are created by the original distributor of the data, who then becomes the original seeder when they upload the file to a hosting site such as The Pirate Bay.

Magnet links contain the same information that torrent files do, namely the tracker URL, hashes of the file pieces and the number of pieces. However, instead of being delivered in a file that your torrent client has to open, magnet links open the torrent client and deliver the information directly, much like how regular web links and web browsers function.

As we covered earlier, a torrent tracker is the place where your torrent client goes in order to find a list of peers for any given torrent. These trackers come in two broad categories: private and public.

That said, in certain jurisdictions, particularly in the U.S., there is a possibility of direct legal action by the copyright holder. This is by no means common, as there are generally less than 5,000 copyright infringement lawsuits filed yearly across the entire U.S., and the vast majority of these are unrelated to torrenting.

The best defense against this is to use well-established torrent sites and trackers, most of which include some sort of rating or reputation system. These let you pick torrent files that have been verified by other users or come from people with proven track records.

Great explanation, thanks !I am confused as to why torrent is prohibited by ISP but why are there some official sites providing torrents. So if we use a torrent on an official site (like: debian os) does it still break the TOS from the ISP?

It is somewhat different from other documents regarding kademlia routing table where buckets are arranged in accordance to the bit prefix of the node id but there is another confusing thing. When we reply to the "find node" request we have to find 8 closest nodes to the requested one using XOR operation. I saw some implementations just going through each item in the routing table executing XOR operation and thus finding 8 closest items. It seems to me too CPU wasting.

Everything is already in buckets. Even if we use the suggested by the bit torrent document system we can quicker find the bucket which could potentially contain the requested node id simply enumerating buckets and checking the minimum and maximum numbers on it. Then potentially that bucket should contain the closes nodes but they are value closest nodes not the XOR closest nodes (as I understand) which is somewhat different but somewhat similar.

Whenever we are downloading something from a traditional webpage that is seemingly very popular we face a lot of traffic from the site because our computers directly download the file from the main server of the webpage. This is where the role of torrents come into play.The main principle behind the working of these torrents is the use of a peer to peer protocol, which implies that a group of computers is used for downloading and uploading the same torrent. Torrents are used to transfer data between each other without the need for a central server. In other words, they use a decentralized server in which every torrent participant is actively involved in downloading and uploading files.

During this process stress on a central server is avoided ensuring the torrent stays fast. The thing to be noted is that the presence of a seeder who has the complete copy of the file in the swarm(a network of bit torrent clients)is mandatory for leechers to download the files or else the users will be unable to download the files.

Trackerless Torrents: Earlier presence of central tracker in the file was mandatory that would keep a record of the IPs of all the computer but in recent times tracker less torrent, systems have been introduced which allows the communication of bit torrent clients over the network without any central server managing the swarm. These clients use DHT technology, for this in which each peer becomes a tracker. In these tracker less torrent systems, we add a torrent using a magnetic link that contacts clients who act as DHT nodes and this process goes on till the other nodes locate information regarding the torrent file. These links of a Torrents can use both traditional as well DHT trackers just to provide redundancy if one of the trackers fails.

Although torrenting may mainly be associated with piracy in the present day. It surely provides very effective ways of communicating with a large number of people without current bandwidth requirements. For piracy, we cannot blame torrents as the technology can be used both constructively and destructively. In addition to that, the advantages of torrents surely outweigh its drawbacks. However, the use of unsanctioned copyright materials must be discouraged completely.

One could argue that Google has been one of the greatest contributers to the success of BitTorrent. Unlike other filesharing applications such as Frostwire, Ares and eMule, the .torrent download links are listed on billions of search engine friendly pages on the Internet.

Earlier this year Google rolled out a new feature that may boost the conversion of new people to BitTorrent to even more. With Google Instant users directly see the results of the search phrases they type. This means that for a lot of movies merely entering the title and a space will give then a list of download links on torrent sites.

I thus figured that a torrent-like synchronization would be ideal where you can download updated data not only from the primary server, but also from other members who in torrent lingo would be acting as seeders.

Also, bare in mind, syncthing is sync software, not distribution software. One bad actor can delete everything, and the deletions will be synced and propagated to everyone, so I am not sure it will work well for your purpose.

Today we are going to discuss the best torrent sites in 2021. Before we begin, we need to clarify that we do not support the use of pirated content. We support the use of legal content that pays royalties to the creators. Also, there are legal and free online streaming sites that we advise our readers to take advantage of.

It is also illegal to download pirated content in some countries. We strictly advise you to use a VPN for accessing these sites. Furthermore, there is malware present on certain torrent sites, so there is a need to be vigilant to such files. We will not be responsible for anything you download from any of these sites.

You can access over one million ready to download torrents on the pirate bay. It has torrents for every category, movies, TV shows, games, music, and whatnot. It is very easy to navigate because of its simple interface.

YTS has you covered if you are a movie person. This is not the place for TV, games, or music. It has compressed torrents so that you can download a high definition movie without getting a huge data bill. You can visit the site from

The site offers over close to a thousand TV shows, over forty thousand movies, and almost every game with over three and a half million verified torrents. Its search feature is astounding and helps you find any torrent you are looking for very easily.

You can access Extra Torrent from its new URL The interface is not so great, but you will most definitely find any torrent you are looking for. The good thing about extra torrent is the lack of pop up ads.

Also, the neat list of top torrents in each category helps with the browsing. Another plus point is the health of the torrents is displayed along with the list and lastly the blog that keeps the users up to date. is one of the oldest directories of torrents available on the internet. Its library is extremely vast. The organization of the top ten lists makes browsing through torrents very easy. Because of popularity, it is blocked in multiple countries, but a VPN will do the trick.

Another site with a great search feature is You can find any torrent easily on this site because of its great layout and user-friendly features. Plus, it has great security and very few ads.

Like the other sites, this also has a straightforward user interface and most of its torrents are high quality. It has a very low-security risk and has a huge library of movies, shows, games, books, anime, and software available. You can access it from

Sounds like a torrent site from apple but it is not. The thing I love about this site is its slogan that it never tracks its users and it is a tribute to Kickass torrents. The torrent library is vast and almost everything one wishes to find is available on this site. You can visit it using

Not as good as the others on this list but a good alternative if no other site is available. One good thing about this site is the community for verifying torrents. Only torrents that are approved by a certain number of users can be found on this site which improves the security a lot.


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