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Carter Campbell
Carter Campbell

Download MAZ 502 Zip [REPACK]

The following describes how to use the COS Java SDK to complete basic operations, such as initializing the client, creating a bucket, querying a bucket list, uploading an object, querying an object list, downloading an object, and deleting an object. For the classes in the examples, you can click the class name in your IDE to view more details about all its fields and functions.

Download MAZ 502 zip

Once an object is uploaded, you can download it by calling the GET Object API with the same key, or by generating a pre-signed URL (Please specify GET as the download method) to share to another device for download. Note that the pre-signed URL may be valid only for a limited period if your file is set to private-read.The following example downloads a file to a specified local path: 041b061a72


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