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Holly Days

Of the myriad side projects and offshoots which occupied Paul McCartney and Wings during the early to mid-'70s, it is regrettable that this is the only one which came to full fruition -- regrettable because it's also the only one in which Fab Macca had any kind of vested financial interest, thus opening the door for decades' worth of subsequent critics to write it of as just another means of adding more cash to the coffers. Of course, there's no denying that McCartney's acquisition of the Buddy Holly songbook was a prime reason for this collection of, indeed, Buddy Holly covers. But to dwell on that is to overlook the fact that, alongside Wildlife, Red Rose Speedway, and two or three later Wings 45s, Holly Days sounds more like McCartney's original blueprint for Wings than anything else the group accomplished. Laine, Paul, and Linda alone feature on the album, recording in the same Rude studios (the appropriately named Rude Studio where McCartney banged out his demos), and not sounding much more advanced. A note on the sleeve even warns, "this album consists of monophonic recordings, electronically reprocessed to give a stereo effect," and anyone familiar with any of the Beatles' own early-'60s recordings will know exactly what that sounds like. Holly Days is crude, ramshackle, and impossibly primitive, then, but its naïveté is its strength, its amateurism is its armor. It's the sound of three musicians having fun with songs that they love, eschewing effects, ignoring mistakes, and cherishing the lo-fi brashness of it all. Laine's lead vocals are excellent, the McCartneys' harmonies are spot-on, and the musicianship -- mainly Paul -- is supremely slapdash. The result, for anybody wishing to seriously anthologize McCartney's solo output, is an album as honest as any he's been involved in, and a lot more fun than most of them. Holly Days -- happy days!

Holly Days

Evoke the nostalgia of Christmases-gone-by with a classic caroler done in beautiful Tiddly Inks style. Striped tights, a trailing scarf, and a holly-bedecked hat provide beautiful details and allow you to customize your cards for each person on your list.

This is a set of 3 dies, including a 3.5 inch medallion with holly and berries, the words 'Happy Hollydays', and a shadow for the words measuring approximately 4 x 2 inches. The dies cut the shapes shown and work with many of the popular die cutting machines such as the Big Shot, Spellbinders Platinum, Gemini, and more.

Brighten up your holidays this year at the Clay Center for our Festival of Lights! Join us in candle decorating, exploring seasonal cultural traditions, and delving into the science behind illumination every Saturday between November 26th & December 17th during our Holly Days celebrations that will also include a special guest from the North Pole!

Join us at Highland on December 3, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, as we host the Virginia Discovery Museum for Holly Days, a family holiday program. Holly Days at Highland will feature a merry morning of cozy crafts, artisanal activities, and some very special stories from holidays past! Stay warm with Carter Mountain Orchard cider and donuts as we enjoy ornament-making, foliage-foraging, and candle-dipping. For more information and to purchase tickets, follow the link below:

It takes a lot of work to get the church in shape for two days of rooms filled with 40 vendor booths, silent auction items, baked goods and lots of people. The entire church, both wings, have to be emptied.

'Tis the season to be holly and jolly. South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, located at 8545 South Staples Street, is getting ready to brighten up the Coastal Bend with its annual 'Holly-Days at the Gardens'. 041b061a72


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