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Uffizi Gallery Buy Tickets

Thanks to the 18app, all 18-year-old residents in Italy can spend their "Culture Bonus" to buy tickets or annual subscriptions for the Uffizi Galleries. They can be collected at museum ticket offices upon presentation of vouchers amounting to the corresponding price of tickets or subscriptions.

uffizi gallery buy tickets

It is usually the case to find long queues to enter the museums of the Uffizi Galleries, especially during peak season. To reduce your waiting time, you can book your visit and buy tickets to enter at a specific time.

Concession tickets apply to young people aged between 18 and up to and including their 25th birthday, with a valid ID document from the European Union and from non-EU countries "on condition of reciprocity".

Groups that include visitors with disabilities may consist of a maximum of five people and should access via the Vasari Auditorium. For further information, please contact

A far more sensible approach to visiting is to simply book tickets for the Uffizi Gallery in advance online. Tickets bought online are skip-the-line tickets to the Uffizi Gallery, allowing you to bypass the long ticket queue and enter the museum through the fast track lane. You will need to pass through security and metal detectors like everyone else, but this approach allows for a much better use of your time.

Uffizi Gallery tickets can be purchased through the official website for the museum. However, these tickets are nonrefundable, leaving you with little recourse if your plans change and you need to cancel.

This is why we recommend getting your ticket through this link, as these tickets come with free cancellation and a full refund up to 24 hours in advance of your booking. You will need to pay a tiny bit more for this peace of mind, but it could save you a whole lot of hassle down the track.

For those seeking both comfort and affordability, B&B San Remigio is an inviting and charming mid-range option. With this bed and breakfast you get bright and breezy rooms, an excellent breakfast, and an amazing host, all within a short walk to the gallery.

To assist visitors with disabilities, the Uffizi Gallery has incorporated various measures to ensure that it is an accessible and inclusive place. For visitors with mobility concerns, there are ramps and lifts available to access the gallery. Wheelchairs are also available free of charge at the reception.

That really should be everything you need to know for your visit to the Uffizi, including why skip-the-line Uffizi Gallery tickets are so useful. Make sure to take our advice when planning your visit to thoroughly enjoy this world-class art museum.

One way to not waste time in lines is to pre-book museum tickets, certainly for the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery, which are Florence's most visited museums. Here's how and where to book Florence museum tickets!

You can book tickets for Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Maria Novella, the Brancacci chapel and other city museums online through this page:

But do you need to? I would say most city museums never have long lines, unless there are special events going on, and you can just wait a short time and buy museum tickets directly when you go visit.

We call Florence's busiest season the "high season" and this is roughly from May until September. During this time, there are so many people downtown it often becomes difficult to walk through Piazza Duomo (don't try it in a hurry!) and the lines at the city's major museums are long, with waits of over an hour... but only if you don't book your museum tickets ahead of time!

Generally speaking, it is good practice to book Florence museum tickets in advance if you're coming in the high tourist season, which can actually start around Easter, quiets down a bit and then picks up with the warm weather and continues until the end of September. I personally think that the extra cost of the pre-booked ticket reservation is easily justified by the time you save not queuing in front of the museums, in essence giving you more time to discover more of Florence. Booking ahead does mean you need to decide on a date and time to visit, as tickets are sold for specific entrance times. This is particularly true for the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery, the city's two most visited museums.

If you're in Florence for a limited time, like with only a day or two in the city, then do not leave it to chance and pre-book museum tickets. If you only have a few hours in Florence, I would suggest you book your tickets ahead of time and not spend even half an hour in line! You will want to make the most of the time you are in Florence.

The Uffizi Gallery, with over 2200 works of art, is one of the most visited museums in all of Italy with almost 2 million visitors just last year. Even though Uffizi tickets can be reserved easily online or by phone, long lines still form every day in front of the museum and visitors wait 2 or more hours to be able to get inside. The museum, however, does offer the chance to shorten the wait by pre-booking tickets online or by phone and we highly recommend to book your tickets ahead of time, particularly for the Uffizi Gallery.

It is important to know that the Uffizi Gallery does limit the number of admissions at any one time for security measures and sets aside the number of these spots it will sell in advance. These advance tickets are sold through various channels, including authorized resellers. During the high season, some dates can be sold out on one website and still be available elsewhere so it makes sense to check your dates and book your Uffizi Museum tickets as soon as you know when you'll be in Florence. Just remember that the Uffizi Gallery is always closed on Mondays.

Among the other museums in Florence which merit booking tickets ahead of time is the Accademia Gallery. At the Accademia is where you'll find the original marble statue of David by Michelangelo and his Prisoners, as well as other masterpieces by Perugino, Filippino Lippi and Botticelli. Just like the Uffizi, the Accademia is visited by over 1,2 million visitors every year.

The long lines at the entrance on via Ricasoli wind around the nearby corner. To avoid queuing under the sun or rain (there is no portico to protect from the elements as there is at the Uffizi Gallery), we highly recommend you book tickets ahead of time.

Even though other Florence museums, such as the Bargello National Museum with its great sculpture collection, the Pitti Palace with its several museums and the Boboli Gardens, and the Medici Chapels with more sculptural masterpieces by Michelangelo, are not as busy as the Uffizi and the Academy, it's still useful to reserve tickets for these museums if you're visiting during high season. For these museums, you can reserve tickets online three days in advance while for the Uffizi we recommend getting them much before.

Regardless of the time of the year, if you're visiting Florence for only a few hours (as is the case for many doing day trips from cruise ships that stop in Livorno), I highly recommend you BOOK your museum tickets ahead of time. You don't have much time to dedicate to Florence so you don't want to spend time in line. Booking your tickets ahead of time will be one way to ensure you have more time to see beautiful Florence!

Skip-the-line time-slot reservation tickets are almost essential to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Buy priority access tickets online and book well in advance especially during summer and other holiday periods.

Buying fast-track tickets online in advance is almost essential to visit the Gallerie degli Uffizi in Florence. The Uffizi art museum is justifiably one of the most popular in the world but in the high season getting in can be a struggle requiring visitors without time-slot reservations to wait for hours in slow-moving queues. Buy Uffizi tickets online with time-slot reservations and skip-the-line priority access. Guided tours are also a good option to enter the Uffizi without delays while combination tickets with the Accademia (David) may offer slight discounts.

All online ticket reservations for the Uffizi must be exchanged for paper tickets before going to the main entrance to the museum. The pick-up point is usually at entrance 3 but some resellers offer different pick-up points that may be more convenient.

Tours may even be available on the day of booking making it a worthwhile option on crowded days when timed tickets are no longer available. After a tour, members may stay inside the gallery until closing time so ensure the Uffizi is the last sight seen when visiting multiple sites on a combination tour.

The high season in Florence is increasingly long: Easter, May, July, August, and the Christmas holidays are especially busy. November and January to mid-March are the only quiet months. Plan and book time-slot reservation tickets and tours when available in advance. Top sights are quieter directly at opening time or in the late afternoon.

Explore the expansive museum at your own pace with access to 1,500 works of art. Save up to 3 hours waiting time when you buy skip the line tickets for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence in advance. Save precious time, simply show your printed tickets or your priority tickets on your smartphone. This priority ticket ensures that you can spend your precious time experiencing great art instead of waiting in line. Buy the cheapest Skip The Line Tickets for the Uffizi Gallery here. 041b061a72


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