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Ero Dungeon, Party Of Five.rar

Do you know how to get female enemies to be a party member? I read a guide and it said that you have to defeat several of them, but how many? or maybe there are certain condition you have to fulfill first like level/renown?

Ero Dungeon, Party of Five.rar

Now lets talk about \what to level\. I will be clear, there is NO OPTION about that, you should start leveling \charismatic\ you have to max it the sooner the better. When you have it maxed you will unlock 3 new skills that you can max:-Inspiring leader: Increases party damage-Enduring leader: Increases party defences (endurance and resistance)-Enthusiastic leader: Increases party speed

While on a D-Rank dungeon raid, E-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo and his raid party discover a second hidden dungeon inside the gate. They decide to check it out, but realize too late that it's a trap and find themselves locked in with no way out and surrounded by statues who kill them if they make the slightest error.

As part of their deal, Jinwoo and Jinho form a ragtag raid party so that they can start legally clearing C-Rank dungeons. However, their breakneck speed attracts the attention of Ahn Sangmin, a high-ranking employee under the White Tiger Guild.

Jinwoo receives a quest notification from the System and is transported to another instant dungeon, where he runs into an army of armored soldiers and a mysterious red knight that guards an empty throne.

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i think being able to rape/seduce the employee in thief as well, a rape/seduce of a hen party with bride/mother/sister/maids of honour where ending could be bride runs from wedding and sets up with you and the others in a harem, a cheerleading practice

i think some more options, a hen party where you either seduce or just bang the bride/the mother/and the maids of honour (if seduce the bride runs away and marries you later), the babysitter should have been babysitting another fertile girl who you bang as well, maybe a sleepover party should be included and more days, make it a month

Mario and his party arrive at Booster Tower. As they arrive, they see Bowser lamenting the loss of his keep and the "good old days". Once Bowser notices the others, he tries to act tough. At the top of the tower, Toadstool notices Mario and calls out to him. Afterwards, Bowser leaves. Mario tries to enter, but the door to the tower is locked. However, Bowser shows up again. On his own, he decides to help out Mario and destroys the tower's front door. He then joins Mario and his friends by making them honorary members of the Koopa Troop.

After Knife Guy and Grate Guy are defeated, Mario continues to follow Booster, who runs up Booster Hill with Toadstool and tries to marry her in the wedding town of Marrymore. Mario disrupts the wedding and wants to take the princess back to Mushroom Kingdom. However, the creators of the wedding cake, Chef Torte and his Apprentice, are angry because of this and fight Mario. During the battle, their cake comes to life. After the fight, Booster eats the cake, and Mario and Toadstool go back to Mushroom Kingdom. The Chancellor is glad about the princess's return. However, with the help of her chambermaid, who disguises herself as the princess, Toadstool is able to escape from the castle and join Mario's party.

After the required amount of courses is cleared, Mario proceeds and fights the brainwashed Magikoopa. After its defeat, the Magikoopa comes to its senses again and helps out Mario's party, creating the magic treasure box as well as healing them. Croco also appears for a second time offering his items.

Mario reaches the final room of the keep again, and gets onto the chandeliers he fought Bowser on at the beginning of the game. This time, the enemy is the Smithy Gang swordsman Boomer. After Mario and his friends defeat Boomer, he falls down. The chandelier with Mario on it is transported upwards by a Chandeli-ho to the highest tower of the keep. There, Mario's party finally enters combat with Exor. The giant sword foe is shielded by its eyes in battle. However, after the eyes are "knocked out", Mario and company can defeat Exor. With his last ounce of strength, Exor inhales Mario and his party with its mouth, the Neosquid, which acts as a portal to Smithy's dimension.

Both Mario's party members and enemies can inflict status effects, depending on the attack. For some status effects, they wear off after enough time passes. At the end of the battle, all status effects are cured. Certain accessories nullify negative status effects.

Mallow is the first partner that Mario meets, joining Mario during his first visit to Mushroom Kingdom. He is, at first, believed to be a simple tadpole from Tadpole Pond even though he looks nothing like one. He was raised by Frogfucius who found him floating in a basket as a baby. Later, when Mallow and Mario visit Frogfucius, it is revealed that Mallow is not a frog and that his real parents are out there, somewhere. Later in the game, Mario and his party visit Nimbus Land, whose citizens are all of the same species as Mallow. There, Mallow discovers that he is a prince and his parents are King and Queen Nimbus.

The ruthless leader of the Koopa Troop and Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser starts out as an enemy, but eventually joins as the fourth party member. He kidnaps Princess Toadstool and fights Mario as the first boss of the game. But then after getting thrown out his own keep by the Smithy Gang, Bowser became determined to take it back with his remaining minions, though they all eventually desert him. After meeting Mario and his new friends at Booster's Tower, he decides to use them to get his keep back under the pretense of making them honorary members of his army. This marks the first time in the series where Bowser joins Mario's side.

Mario and his party visit many places spanning over seven main areas during the course of the adventure. They travel in a clockwise fashion across the world. To progress through hostile environments, Mario has to reach the level's exit found at the opposite end or defeat a boss. To unlock levels past friendly locations such as towns, Mario needs to progress the story by interacting with other characters. Level descriptions in gray indicate that they cannot be accessed from the world map.

After Mario and his party retrieve the Star Piece at Marrymore, the player can return to Mushroom Kingdom, find the inn, and talk to a young Toad in the corner. After talking to him several times, he sells Mario a minigame, Beetle Mania, for 500 coins. In the minigame, the player must shoot red Koopa shells and avoid the red stars they make when they are destroyed. These red stars also destroyed other shells, allowing the player to make chain reactions and gain more points.

Inns allow Mario and his party members to heal their HP and FP for a small fee. They are indicated by the spinning star sign by the door. The inns at Marrymore and Nimbus land provide additional services for additional coins while Mario's Pad and the lone bed in Monstro Town can be used for free by turning off the Fungi Light.

Unlike the Paper Mario series, there are no definable "chapters", and therefore there are no definable "chapter bosses"; any significant enemy with higher HP is considered a boss. Most bosses have a distinct battle theme (with Smithy Gang leaders getting a special one) and a "fading away" or otherwise-distinct defeat animation. Additionally, the party's HP and FP are usually fully restored after defeating a boss.

Mod of Redemption, the remastered version of the now discontinued Mod of Randomness, is a large-scale content mod that adds a wide variety of content into Terraria at all points of the game. This includes many challenging bosses, the new Druid class, the mysterious Abandoned Lab dungeon, and much more!

This trope is not for Mons, Pet Monstrosities, or Monster Allies. This is when a lone adventurer, an entire party, or at the very least a core party member are of a 'monsternote "Monster" here meaning "normally Always Chaotic Evil in this Verse".' species. By definition either a Reluctant Monster or a Defector from Decadence, a Monster Adventurer might also be a Horrifying Hero depending on how monstrous they are. The civilian version is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire.

  • Video Games Several NPCs in Mabinogi are monstrous humanoids, like Elatha the incubus. There's also the option of playing as one of your pets, so Pet Monstrosities like spiders or vipers might count.

  • Neverwinter Nights. The Badlands servers allow you to choose from more than 60 monster types to use as your character's race.

  • Among the many playable races in Dungeon Crawl are kobolds, mummies, ghouls, and orcs, the last of which can even get other orcs to follow him/her as their messiah.

  • Disgaea offers your entire cast as demons or angels, and you can get every single monster species you find and equip them with weapons AND armor. Then again, it's Hell.

  • World of Warcraft: Horde player characters are all about this, with the Horde representing a goodish-neutral version of the usually Always Chaotic Evil orcs, trolls, undead, "minotaurs" (Tauren). The expansions mix up this pattern when adding new races to both sides, with for example werewolves (Worgen) going on the Alliance side.

  • The Charr of Guild Wars 2 are this to those who played the original Guild Wars, where they were evil and man-eating (which was actually propaganda); after dethroning the zealots using a false religion to guide them, they're now in an uneasy truce with the humans to fight their common foe, the dragons, and wander the world to that end.

  • In the second game of the SaGa series, your entire party (Main character included) can be monsters. The third game starts all of your characters off as human, but allows them to become monsters.

  • Gobli's Adventure, the sample game that came with the original PlayStation RPG Maker tool starts with an A.I. controlled party slaughtering goblins. After respawning, Gobli decides that he'd rather be an adventurer than XP fodder, and sets out on a quest to do so. He is joined by a literal hole in the wall that wants to become an NPC and a kitten that wants to be a Final Boss.

  • The Dragonborn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a downplayed example, being a Dragon in human/oid form. Dragons in this setting are innately driven to destroy and dominate others, something that even the reformed dragon Paarthurnax admits he struggles with. He notes that with their kinship, those same urges are present in the Dragonborn as well. The Dragonborn can take this trope to ridiculous levels. S/he can be a cat/lizard man who can transform into a daedric (read: demonic) created vampire/werewolf.

  • The Companions in the same game as well, due to being essentially an adventurer's guild of werewolves.

  • The Libra of Soul's Featureless Protagonist in Soulcalibur VI can potentially qualify as this if they belong to an inhuman race such as Lizardmen, Mummies, Malfested, Lost Souls or Malefic.

  • Your entire party in Last Armageddon is a team of demonic monsters, as the remnants of Earth after humanity had gone extinct.

  • Planescape: Torment, as can be expected from its setting, indulges in this trope. Morte, Fall-From-Grace and Nordom are all adventurers from 'monster' species that traditionally function as foes and NPCs: Morte is a sentient Mimir (a flying Oracular Head shaped as a skull that functions as a lexicon) and is later revealed to be the head of a dead liar from the Pillar of Skulls, Fall-From-Grace is an Ascended Demon Succubus who is trying to experience all aspects of The Multiverse, and Nordom is a Rogue Drone Modron (beings of pure law and order who resemble geometrical shapes) and is trying to come to grips with this 'individuality' thing. The Nameless One, Ignus and Vhailor were normal humans at some point, while Dak'kon and Annah are from other sentient humanoid species and therefore merely 'exotic adventurers'.

  • In Final Fantasy XIV, the Gnath splinter faction are lowly and are willing to get by from scavenging scraps. You're given a quest to locate a missing Gnath, who you later find has gotten himself in trouble for eating all the Gyshal Greens the nearby settlement was using for hunting. You convince them to have the Gnath run a favor for compensation, and the Gnath ended up doing such a good job he gets rewarded with extra greens to take home. That's when the Gnath discovers how much more rewarding it would be to work as an adventurer, and ends up opening an Adventurer's Guild for Gnaths willing to offer their services, which ends up being the basis of the Gnath Beast Tribe quests.

  • Dwarf Fortress, with a bit of modding, allows any creature to become controllable in the RPG single-player Adventure Mode. This includes Metal Colossi all the way down to cats.

  • Elden Ring: Iron Fist Alexander is a warrior jar who's left his home of Jarburg for good to go on an adventure to become a mighty warrior. He travels the Lands Between to train and hone his body and searches for the remains of great fallen warriors to absorb into his body. He's a jolly fellow who can be summoned for bosses and has a unique Ground Punch move unlike other enemy living jars. His quest ends with a Duel to the Death against you, and on his defeat tragically laments that he could never surpass you, but is happy to die a warrior's death and entrusts you with his remains.

  • One of the friendly NPCs you can summon to aid you on your quest is a serpent man who, unlike the rest of his brethren, is actually on your side..

  • As it turns out, Rya is actually a Serpent Man herself, and serves as a scout for her adoptive mother by wandering the Lands Between.



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