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Vader Immortal: Episode I

The game is composed of three chapters, with each one focusing on the usage of different abilities. Each episode includes a dojo which allows players to practice against waves of enemies using a lightsaber and Force powers.

Vader Immortal: Episode I

Gameplay-wise, the first episode has you traversing quite a bit of territory in the depths of a lava planet in pursuit of a powerful object. And the story also features a betrayal and a rescue that give the tale a nice Star Wars feel.

Star Wars - Vader Immortal, Episode Two (or, you know, just Vader Immortal Two) is, as the name would suggest, the second part of the three-part Vader Immortal VR series that was announced with the new wave of VR headsets announced around a year ago. We covered the first part of the series back in June of this year, and it ended on such a cliffhanger that covering the second part was a no-brainer. It is officially available for only Oculus headsets, though there are reports of various levels of success using Revive, and just like the first episode, the cost is $10 on the Oculus Store.As mentioned, Vader Immortal Two picks up where Vader Immortal left off. Having not shown the entirety of the first part of the series, a bit of exposition fill-in is necessary. We left our heroes, ZO-E3 and the player character, at the bottom floor of Vader's castle on Mustafar. It is here that cold metal meets ancient rock as Imperial forces appear to be in the process of some kind of excavation. The pair find a tram and are encouraged to use it by the sudden appearance of a group of stormtroopers. One blaster-deflection sequence later, our heroes take cover in an underground temple where they encounter a Mustafarian priestess who confirms the player's ancient heritage as a descendant of Lady Corvax, ruler of the planet before it became an uninhabitable hellscape. As the story goes, Lady Corvax's lover was fatally wounded in battle, and she sought the technology to bring him back. In doing so, her obsession lead to the creation of the Aeon Engine, but using it lead to the ruin of the planet. Story time was interrupted by Vader and Admiral Karius. The first chapter ends with Vader and the player fighting side-by-side against a group of robotic guardians, followed by Vader reclaiming his lost lightsaber before noting that the player is force sensitive and that training will follow.This is the point where Vader Immortal Two picks up the story. After a quick reminder of the story so far, the player is once again brought face-to-face with the giant space emo as the otherwise pitch black room is suddenly illuminated by Vader's menacing red saber. A short walk and another story-reminder session later, Vader-Miyagi makes his first appearance by demanding the player try levitating two stone keys, one at a time, and placing them in the correct receptacles to unlock the door.

Training continues in the next room as Vader-Miyagi suddenly starts hurling stone pieces at the player for them to catch, a process that I only got right once out of three times before Vader found my lack of skill disturbing and decided to carry on into the next room. In here, the player is instructed to use the force to defend themselves against a group of small, flying, magma-shooting bugs. Again, this felt as if it ended not at my discretion but when Vader had had enough and decided to simply walk into the middle of the room and implode all of the nests. Standing on a centuries-old elevator platform, the player must force-pull a key from the structure and insert it to activate the lift, but before the player and their new sand-hating bestie can travel down, the lift platform cracks in the middle. Saved by Vader, the player has just enough time to let out a sigh of relief before a four-armed rancor appears, steals Vader's attention, and causes the player to plummet into the darkness for a little bit of one-on-one time with the previous episode's mystery man, the black bishop and that same rancor from before, this time frozen in place at least until the Black Bishop leaves the scene.

Lucasfilm has released a brand new Star Wars trailer for Vader Immortal Episode II. This VR series was previewed at Star Wars Celebration, with Episode I released shortly thereafter. Those fans who have taken a trip deep into a galaxy far, far away with the Oculus have been able to dive deep into Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar. As we can see in this latest trailer, the action is going to be ramped up in this new episode. Namely, in the form of a four-armed rancor.

One item of note with the series is Scott Lawrence, who provides the voice of Darth Vader. Even though it's not James Earl Jones, Lawrence captures the character rather convincingly. The series also features former Saturday Night Live favorite Maya Rudolph as the droid ZO-E3, who we can see cracking wise in the trailer. This is just the second installment in what will ultimately be a trilogy, so we've got one more episode to look forward to after this. Vader Immortal Episode II is available now for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the ILMxLAB YouTube Channel for yourself.

Instead, what I got out of each $10 episode of Vader Immortal was less than an hour of story/experience with relatively light interactivity, and zero need to revisit the main content a second time. My initial instinct was to feel ripped off, because I could have enjoyed three legitimately good theatrical movies for $10 each, or used the aggregated $30 toward a complete game such as Star Wars: Fallen Order. 041b061a72


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