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Serial Number In Caste Certificate

Every X.509 conforming CA generates a unique serial number for each issued certificate, which in fact is a long integer. As per RFC 5280, serial numbers MUST be unique, not greater than 20 bytes long non-negative integer and at least 1 bit must be enabled in first byte. If first byte is zero, this byte is truncated unless it is the only byte. This means the first byte must be in range 0x00x7f with a whole integer value up to 20 bytes. 0x00 0x00 0x01 serial number is truncated to 0x01. Various CA engines implement different serial number generation algorithms. Some allow generation of sequential serial numbers starting with 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, etc. (excluding 0x800xff range for most significant byte), others may use cryptographically random serial numbers, GUID-based or custom conforming algorithm.

serial number in caste certificate


If registry value is in range 0x800xfffffffe, only least-significant byte is accounted and is inserted as first byte of serial number. Sign bit is set to 0 (to force positive integer). If HighSerial is between 0x01-0x0f, random bits are inserted in most-significant 2-4 bits. See remarks section for more details.

When the CA attempts to generate its first serial number, 8 bytes of CryptGenRandom() data are produced and the registry is rewritten as a REG_SZ value to save the random data as a constant hex string. See Option 4 for more details.

This option uses REG_SZ value type instead of REG_DWORD. Generated serial numbers are from 7 to 19 bytes long depending on a number of octets in HighSerial registry value. Since value data is octet string it must have even number of hex digits.

In all cases, the high byte of the serial number is manipulated to always have the sign bit clear, and to always have some bits set in the high nibble for compatibility with various PKI implementations with limited robustness. This means that:

It is evident that ADCS uses database Request ID as a part of serial number. By reading last 4 bytes, you can estimate the size (issued certificate volume) of ADCS CA. When you delete rows from CA database, deleted request IDs are never re-used, thus inclusion of Request ID in serial number guarantees its uniqueness for a particular CA. When a CA reaches 2,147,483,647 issued certificates, the CA will die even if all previously issued certificates are deleted from its database. Request ID is never used twice.

Find the serial number of thedeviceyou want to register.Note: Android TV (ATV) devices have multiple serial numbers associated with them. You must use the ATV device's software (Cast) serial number. See determining an ATV device's serial number for details on how to find it.From either the Overview page or Devices page, click Add New Device.

Android TV (ATV) devices have multiple serial numbers associated withthem. The software (Cast) serial number can be obtained eitherby casting the Cast Developer Console page to the ATV device as outlined above,or by putting the ATVdevice into developer mode and looking in the Cast settings for the softwareserial number.

To put your ATV device into developer mode, navigate toSettings > System > About > Android TV OS build, and click on the buildseveral times until the devicenotifies you that you are in developer mode. To find the serial number oncein developer mode,navigate either to Settings > Device Preferences >Chromecast built-in or Settings > System > Cast, depending on your ATVmodel, and you'll seethe software serial number displayed.

Note that when an ATV device is factory reset, the software serial number willchange. After a factory reset, follow the steps above to find the softwareserial number and reregister the device's new software serial number with theCast Developer Console.

\n Dear Yashwanth, this serial/entry/certificate number in the CAT registration form is for OBC Category students. Please visit\n _Pane... ( _Panel/CentralListStateView.aspx)\n Click on your State and search for your Caste using Ctrl+F. Under the entry column, see the number corresponding to your Caste and enter that in the CAT application form.\n

Dear Yashwanth, this serial/entry/certificate number in the CAT registration form is for OBC Category students. Please visit _Pane... ( _Panel/CentralListStateView.aspx) Click on your State and search for your Caste using Ctrl+F. Under the entry column, see the number corresponding to your Caste and enter that in the CAT application form.

A CAS Registry Number[1] (also referred to as CAS RN[2] or informally CAS Number) is a unique identification number assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), US to every chemical substance described in the open scientific literature. It includes all substances described from 1957 through the present, plus some substances from as far back as the early 1800s.[3] It is a chemical database that includes organic and inorganic compounds, minerals, isotopes, alloys, mixtures, and nonstructurable materials (UVCBs, substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products, or biological origin).[4] CAS RNs are generally serial numbers (with a check digit), so they do not contain any information about the structures themselves the way SMILES and InChI strings do.

1.2 If you belong to SC/ST/OBC category or are a EWS/PWD candidate in General category, please carefully go through the list of serial numbers of different categories given in the application form. You should mark the correct serial number of the caste/tribe applicable to you. For details of the Caste/Tribe name applicable to you, see the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) website.

Digital certificates contain identifiable information, such as domain name, organization, locality, and device information like IP address or serial number. They contain a copy of a public key corresponding to a digital signature from the certificate holder. This must be matched to a corresponding private key to verify it is real and the information within the certificate is accurate.

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